If your micro-enterprise business needs to collect information from customers, suppliers, individuals, etc. currently the most economical, fast and efficient way is through formats / electronic or digital forms, not only makes your more productive and profitable business but it also makes life easier for customers who can fill their electronic format with the information you need from a computer or cell phone, do not bother your customers asking them to fill out forms manually (pencil, pen) and then scan and then send an email with the format, are 3-4 operations that your client can do in one operation from a computer or cell and format comes to his personal mail. It is more we can make this format will reach an excell file on your computer. save money on paper, energy (faxes), time, etc.

Some formats / forms that your customers or users can electronically fill are:

 -Record Or registration for an event, course, training, seminar, membership, etc.

 -Application Quote, purchase order format or purchase, pay by Credit / Debit Card

-Format Of evaluation, survey, satisfacion and complaints, etc.

-Application Credit, loan, etc.

 -Format Registration, inspection service request, visit reports,

formats and forms may be unlimited, if you need a format that is not listed, contact us and send us a sketch with fields and we will design according to your needs. The cost of the format is 30 US dollars, and the monthly fee for its use is only (20 dollars / month) and includes filling and sending to your email up to 200 monthly formats ( I mean you get up to 200 forms filled out by customers or users).